You might notice that I’ve been asking for help with my manuscript Barracuda. It took six drafts to get to the point where it went to you, but I really consider it the first draft, because that’s what my editor is looking at. The more edits on it, the better!

I wanted to make sure the story was as accurate as possible, so while I was writing it, I booked a trip to Little Torch Key, where the story is set, and I’ve been here over the last few days. At one point, Jim Webb, my main character goes fishing for a barracuda from a kayak. I decided to do the same as part of the research. While I’ll post more later, here’s a short clip of my time on the waters of the Keys in Florida: barracuda

As for the shark attack, I did hook a four-foot shark, which was about half the length of my kayak. I didn’t know it was a shark until, after about seven minutes of trying to reel it in, I finally got it close enough to the kayak to see what it was.

Just after that, the shark managed to cut the line on its teeth with a sideways turn of its head, and I’m still not sure if I’m relieved or disappointed that I didn’t get it all the way in for a good photograph!

As for this alligator,alligator that is a different story for another day.