Welcome  Teachers

Components of the WIR Program

Teacher Resources

Here are exclusive videos and writing exercises where teachers can bring Sigmund into the classroom to help motivate story writing.

email Sigmund if you are interested in making him your Writer-In-Residence for 2015-2016

For The Classroom

Here’s an example of one of the bi-weekly videos where Sigmund engages your students with reading and writing tips, and book talks to send them to the ebook collection. These videos are exclusive to the Writer-In-Residence program. Teachers can access them when convenient for their schedules.

Ebook Collection

To learn more about the eBook collection use the following link:

Random Thoughts

Sigmund uploads his manuscripts for your students to get sneak peeks and send him feedback. Later, when the story is published, they’ll see where he was able to use their suggestions. More importantly, teachers can use the Work-In-Progress to emphasize to students the importance of second and third drafts, and to show students that all writers make mistakes that need polishing.